Experience aizome dyeing.

You can dye your own original piece!

These are courses for beginners who basically have no experience of dyeing.

(Appointments must be made three days in advance.)


Now we accept only
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Morning session : 10:00 ~
Afternoon session : 13:00 ~

Items available:
handkerchief: 1,600 yen / bandana: 2,000 yen
stole (cotton): 4,800 yen / T-shirt (half sleeve): 5,200 yen

* We accept credit cards.

* You can also bring your own item to be dyed - please choose something small, and made of a natural material.
The exact participation fee will be decided after we see what you have brought.

* Participants need to wear dark color clothes which are easy to move around.